FPGA Index

This page covers all the FPGA and Verilog content from Time to Explore.

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Introduction to Verilog

This series introduces Verilog and FPGA programming using the Digilent Arty & Nexys Video. No prior FPGA experience is required.

VGA Graphics with Verilog

This series teaches you how to create images, animations, and simple games with VGA graphics. It's aimed at Digilent Arty, Basys 3, and Nexys Video boards, but includes instructions on working with other hardware.

  • Part 1 - How Displays Work and a 640x480 VGA Driver in Verilog
  • Part 2 - Bitmaps and Frame Buffers using Block Ram
  • Part 3 - Sprites and Double Buffering

FPGA Cookbook

Handy recipes for common FPGA designs and problems.